Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Day 14 Sasquatch Territory

We go into Washington today. Official Sasquatch territory. If I see one, I will be sure to get pictures. To get to Washington we have to cross the Columbia river by bridge. We will be following the 101 all the way thru Washington. One of our camping neighbors told us about a Fish and Chips place that we needed to try before we cross the bridge so we are going to try that.

Astoria OR: Fish and Chips and a big bridge

This place probably has a name, but we just called it the boat. There is a line to get chips. You can only order chips. You get to choose 3 or 5 pieces.

It is just past the bride to Washington and across the street from the Maritime Museum.


The bridge over the river is really big, really high. Cool.

On the other side is Washington

Aberdeen Super Charger

We find the Aberdeen super charger and it is also a pull thru type. Very easy to use. Nothing special about this place except that they had a Star Wars memorabilia shop across the street. Not something you see every day.

Lake Quinault misadventure

We drive a fairly long way into Washington, looking to get to a National Forest for some camping. The Lake Quinault area looks inviting. It is a large lake, some amenities, Ranger stations, and 3 campgrounds. We head there. When we arrive after 5pm, we try the first campground, it is full. We head to the next campground, it too is full, so we move on. The third campground is not full but only for walk-in camper, ok that will work but we would rather have a regular spot so we keep looking. Nothing more on the south side of the lake so we drive around to the north side. This in not a small lake. We find what the map said was a campground, but it turned out to be just a boat dock. 2 locals walk by and ask if we are broken down as we are frantically searching the map for somewhere to go before it gets dark. They say there is a campground 11 miles up the road that should have plenty of spaces. We start driving in the direction and find that the road turns to dirt quickly and it is a shitty road and we are about 10 miles away. We turn back and go back to the other side of the lake to pick up one of the walk up spots. When we get there, they are all now gone! It is basically dark now. So we try for the camp ground again on this side. Road is much better, but it too is a dirt road. We continue up this road as it gets worse and worse. We can only go about 10-15mph and it takes us about 2 hours to get to the campground. But at least it is not full.

Graves Creek Campground

We arrive around 10pm. It is very dark and we have not yet eaten dinner so we unpack and setup camp first. We then get a fire started (it is actually a little cold). We cook some brats on our portable camp stove. This is definatly Sasquatch territory, or at least bear country. We have to put everything edible into the nearby Bear Box.

We are off to bed, a long way into the wilderness, and not much charge(?) left. This is real adventure camping in the back of a Tesla!

Tomorrow we try some fishing and more Olympia National Park.

A Better Route Planner

The map says it will take us about 4 hours. Nope. Took us at least 10 hours and a really sketch dirt road, multiple trips around that lake, and lots and lost of miles. Most of them in the dark.

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