Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Day 24 Going around the Sound

Like all things, there is the hard way to do things and the easy way. Why choose the easy way when the hard way is more fun!

We are on the road again, but we are going to go around the Puget Sound and miss Seattle rather than just go straight thru using bridges, toll roads and ferries. Ok, we are cheap, get over it.

Packing up the Tesla

While we were staying in Sekiu, we unpacked the Tesla and converted it back from being an RV and into its normal awesome self. Better for giving rides and just getting about but now we needed our RV back.

A sort of organized pile of gear.

Camping Gear
A lot of gear

When it is all packed up, it looks like this. I have heard some Car reviewers complain about the size of the trunk opening. Rubbish, never an issue. Brilliant actually.

Packed Tesla
More than enough room

We are pretty charged up, we have about 50% or so battery before we head out. We arrived in Sekiu with about 30% and did all our running around and adventures the last 4 days using only a 110v outlet for ‘gas’. No problems. We will make our first stop Squirm, oh I mean Sequim Washington which is about 2 hours away.

Sequim Super Charger.

Well first we have to get there. We are again going to use highway 101 as our main route until we get to I-90. This will take us past some interesting sites


This part of the US loves them some Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowi, what ever you want to call them. This is the only one we saw while we were here, but we weren’t here that long. We pass back by Lake Crescent and the road is under construction so that adds an hour our so to the drive time. Does that matter to a Tesla? No, it does not. It uses no juice just sitting there, unlike an ICE car spewing toxin while it idles. Just doing our part.

We must drive thru Squirm, erm I mean Sequim, to get to the charger. It is not all that convenient to get to. Along the way we see the oddest Bed and Breakfast I have ever seen where every room is a Railroad Car. Cool.

This would make a great AirBnB

This is also a first. A sign pointing the way to the parking lot where the chargers are.  I could see it from here anyway, but I am sure somebody thought this was going to be necessary.

I mean it is right there, I can see it.

We decided to walk to a Mexican restaurant that was ONLY about a mile or so away. Never mind the other restaurant 1 block away, no we (Kathy) wants Mexican. Worst Mexican food outside of Australia and believe me, that is saying something.  Then the mile walk back.  Good times.

Since this web site is about Gig Economy stuff, here is the tie in. Look at how Uber is done in rural America. You advertise your business in the local ‘paper’. This guy covers the Olympic Peninsula! Having just driven the entire peninsula that is impressive. Way to go Ronald. If you are up in that area, this is your Uber choice apparently.

Around the Sound

After Sequim, we divert to go around the Puget Sound by way of Tacoma and then back up to the I-90 outside of Seattle. We bypass all the city traffic as it seems to be going the other direction from us.  A really great drive, but we did not really see much of the sound itself. This is the really long way around but worth doing.

Along the way we see Mount Rainier off in the distance. At first, I thought I was seeing things as this huge mountain rose above the clouds. I was raised in Colorado, so I am used to big mountains, but not like this. That was spectacular! We thought about diverting to go see it but it was such a backtrack that it would add at least 2 days to our trip. Just could not fit it in, but will do it next time!

Once we get on I-90, it is pretty late in the day so we do a quick search for campgrounds using the Tesla Navigation, and we find Tinkham Campground right on our way.  We are getting good at this now.

Tinkham Campground

This is a nice little campground right by the highway. You can’t see the highway, but you can sure hear it. I could not figure out why it was so loud? I mean roaring. Weird.

Cool river is running by, so we grab the gear and give it a go. Sure enough we catch some more Brookies. Tiny little Brookies. We setup camp (which is just re-arranging gear in the Tesla) and are ready for the evening.

Watch a little Bush TV and off to bed.

The bush TV

We covered a lot of ground today! Tomorrow will be a long day too!

A Better Route Planner

We did at least 250 miles and we spent $3.40 in fuel. Today was the first day that we had to pay for Supercharging this entire trip.

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