Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Day 4 – Our own private Idaho

Today we go to Idaho. I have not been in Idaho in a long time. I have no expectations, so I cannot be disappointed. (I think).

Our first goal is to make Salt Lake City. I like Salt Lake city because I Hang Glide and the first places that I learned to soar and stay up for hours on end was the Point of the Mountain that is in Sandy UT. That is just south of SLC.

It is just a great big sand hill between the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake. The Utah lake heats faster in the morning thus causing a south wind to blow. Later, the Salt Lake heats up and the wind turns from the north. You can soar either side.

When I learned here, there was nothing but prairie. Now it is surrounded by buildings, highways, offices and houses.

Driving from Provo to SLC was awful. Bad Drivers and lots of them. Maybe the worst stretch of highway on the whole trip. We will see.

We leave the campground with 50% and the Tesla says we will get to SLC with 35% . I believe it.

Salt Lake Super Charger

This charger is actually a Tesla distribution center. That is unusual. We can just go in and sit in the lounge and have some coffee.

Parked outside is a gorgeous metallic blue, white interior, performance Model 3. Wow. Best looking Model 3 I have seen yet. Owned by the manager of course,

Inside we find another couple who own the Model X charging next to ours. We soon find out that they are from Fort Collins C). Talk turns to a conversation about CBD. You know it is 2019 when two retired couples are driving their electric cars cross country and meet in the friendly dealership while charging and talking about medicinal pot. The future is here man.

All charged up, and off to Idaho.

Pocatello Super Charger

There is not a lot to say about the SLC to Pocatello trip. Idaho has lots of windmills and that was cool, but scenery was pretty so-so. It did start to become more mountains and less Utah rock. Still hot.

We charge up in Pocatello and are on our way towards Twin Falls. It is a 130 or so miles away.

Idaho has LOTS of windmills.  We see farm after farm of them.  Like everywhere and they are huge.  Cool to see, maybe there is hope for the future after all.  Doubt it, but this is at least encouraging.

Village of the Trees campground

Sounds like the name of a scary movie, but this is where we stopped.

We wanted to go to a recreation area that had a lake. It was 22 miles off the interstate when we were already 70 miles from Pocatello and 50+ some miles to Twin Falls. The Tesla says we can make it, but I am not so sure.

We wimp out and stay at this campground basically right by the interstate. It is by the Snake River and has its own trout pond.

Grumpy shows us to our spot. Not so much a spot as the side of the road. He is packing heat (a .45) and looks like he might live up to his name. He realizes we are in Tesla and allows us to stay in an RV slot that has power. Cool.

A local kid named Gunner comes by to chat and gives us the 411 on fishing. We try the local trout pond and catch a few. First fish of the trip.

We are not rushing along, but a lesson was learned today about range management. We will be braver in the future. I think will need to be as we are getting more and more remote.

It had an outlet that we could plug the 110v connect to, so we thought that would be nice.  Every time we plugged it into the car however, it popped the safety fuse in the box.   Later we learned that maybe we could have turned down the voltage (12 volts default) in the car.  I don’t think it would have helped.  Very sketch connection.

Tomorrow we go to Oregon!


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