Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Day 13 The 101

We start our travels on the famous Highway 101 today! A winding highway up the entire west cost. We are going to do basically all of Oregon and Washington on this trip. There are not nearly as many Super Chargers on this route, and it can be pretty remote in areas, but we are very confident that the Tesla will have no issues keeping sparked up.

Salmon River RV Park

We had pulled into the Salmon River RV park late last night. We a bit worried as most of the ‘residents’ seemed to be living there permanently and we were the only ‘campers’. We were happy that when we rock up we have access to a NEMA 14-50 220v plug at 50 amps. I actually know what that is now. Anyway, juice is no problem as we are fully charged when we wake up.

NEMA 14-50 charging
Using an RV park for charging

Kathy wants to get a little fishing in before we head out and heads out to the Salmon River. She does not catch anything, but the river is actually quite nice. Reminds me of Australia really.

I look into some trip planning. Here is what we have done so far. We need to get to the upper most leftist part of the US on the map. We will take our time getting there. Notice the red part. That was the ‘Prineville Traverse’ which turned out to be no problem at all.

Where we have been so far

This is the web app A Better Route Planner. We are running web apps on our car. That is amazingly helpful. We are going to just cruise up the 101 to the next charger: Seaside.


We stop in the little town of Neskowin WA. It is the first time we see the Pacific on this trip. We wave to our friends back in Australia on the other side (I don’t think they saw us). Good coffee here and I asked the barista for a flat white. She does not know what that is, so she of course just Googles it. I tell here it is how Aussies like a coffee (not all I know), but I think they are going to add it to the menu. My little contribution to US culture. The beach here is really cool.

Possibly surf able, but cold as. I like this warning sign. Especially the warning for ‘watch for sneaky waves’. Oz should take notice and add that.

Beach Sign
Watch for sneaky waves

We just continue up the coast. It is brilliantly beautiful. We don’t go very fast and that’s ok. Kathy wants to take every back road possible and why not? There will be a lot of picture taking.

Our next stop is Tillamook. You know, the cheese place. They are packing in the tourists, who knew? It is actually kind of cool. They have a Tesla destination charger in the parking lot, so we get to park in the ‘front row’ and get free juice! How good is that. They also make good ice cream and cheese.

Tillamook right from the factory

We continue on our way and stop at every scenic overlook. Or at least I think we did. Scenery was great.

Seaside Super Charger

Very easy to get to as it is in the factory outlet store parking lot right next to the 101. Not a lot to do here as we get here way past closing time. Only super charger I have ever been to where each bay in a drive thru. Cool.

Fort Stevens State Park Campground

This campground is just off the Columbia River, not too far out of Seaside. It is quite possibly, the worst campground in America. It is clean and all, but expensive. Each site is so close to the next that you can shake hands with your neighbor while sitting at your campfire. A parking lot essentially. Do not go here if you can help it as there is nothing at all to do there. We could plug in however, so the Super Charging was probably unnecessary. We plug in anyway.

Worst campground in America

Tomorrow we go to Washington. Oregon has been very nice, but we need to push on.

A Better Route Planner

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