Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Day 19-23 Hanging Out in Sekiu

We are couch surfing in Sekiu Washington for a few days with the Model 3. It has been a great road trip so far seeing Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington so far. We are going to take a break and sleep on someone’s couch instead of the back of the car. Not sure which I like better. A lot easier to get on and off the couch than to get in and out of the car. Everything else seems equal, strange as that sounds.

Our first day off the road really is just doing nothing as everyone has work to do. Our housemates all work from home and there is a lot of work to be done. We stay out of every one’s way and get some work done ourselves as well as clean up us, the gear, and the car. The second day there turned out to be somewhat the same as it rained most of the day. Our first real rainy day in the North West. Not too bad. Got a lot more work done, so that is good.

The new Office Kitty

On day 3 we start to get active again, we are done vacationing from our vacation. We go to Lake Crescent for some early morning Kayaking. We drive up to the lake for breakfast before we rent some kayaks and go out for an hour or two in absolutely perfect conditions. Not a ripple or a wave. Not a wisp of wind. The lake was like glass the entire float. Awesome. Afterwards, we go one a hike thru the rain forest that the lake is in. We hike into the falls, which are not a long walk and well worth visiting.

Ready to go Kayaking!
Love our Forest Service

On day 4 we head over to the Shaman Shack to visit friends who live nearby. We help with the new chickens, fly some kites, walk out to the river, have a great fresh fish dinner with all the guests. Awesome day. Great people too. I give a few rides in the Tesla. Impressions were made, I will leave it at that.

Getting ready to fly

We will leave tomorrow and be back out on the road. The plan is to drive back around the Puget Sound, thru Washington, then Idaho, then Montana, then Wyoming, the back to Colorado. We will be doing this during the Fourth of July holiday week and we have no reservations. This should be epic.

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