Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Day 11 – Diamond Lake Campground

Back on the road, but barely. We only go 130 miles today and make it to Diamond Lake Campground. So far, it seems we only stay in either a Diamond Lake or Union Creek campground. Weird, but probably us.

We start out kind of late, but head out but stop after about 3 hours.

Bend Super Charger

The Bend super charger is nice, but nothing special. Works good and we fill up anticipating that we will stop prior to Crater Lakes National monument and then on to the next campground without charging again. During the trip we ponder going to the park, but we want to in the north entrance and we are not sure how far it is to go thru the park and out the other side to someplace we can charge.

Diamond Campground

We stop at this campground just outside the park. It is a nice campground right by the lake but lots of mossies.

Kathy cooking ‘dinner’

Tomorrow we are off to Crater Lake National Park!

A Better Route Planner

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