Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Day 17 The Hot Springs

Today we are again going into the Olympia National Park. This park is about ¼ of the state of Washington. Yuuuge. We won’t be traveling far, just taking our time and having fun. This time, we are going to the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort. They have 3 pools: Cold, Medium and Hot. It is not expensive and very nice. We are going to stay in the Sol Duc Campground pretty much right next door. A very nice campground. These are both located within the Park, so a parks pass is necessary! We use our lifetime pass (again) and get in free (again). Camping is half-price as well. No charging today, none needed.

The area has lots of trails, waterfalls, fishing, rain forests, Hot springs, great stuff.

Sol Duc Campground
Tesla Model 3 in the rain forest

The campgrounds are located near the Sol Duc river and are very nice. We find a great spot and setup and settle in. Notice how that involves just unpacking the car. No tent required. No dramas mate.

Sol Duc Campground
Camp is ready after a quick un-pack
Sol Duc Campground
Love Washington rain forest camping

Beautiful scenery everywhere. Before it gets too dark, we want to get some fishing in. Too dark is about 10:30 pm as this is very far north and the sun sets very late. We drive down stream a ways to where we saw some good looking spots near the road when we drove in. The first spot was a Salmon spawning spot and is off limits to fishing. Dang. Fishing in the National Park is free, and no license is required (again, we asked Mr. Ranger first).

Sol Duc River
No fishing allowed here

Farther down, we found our spot.

Sol Duc River
You can fish here!
Sol Duc River Fishing
Kathy going for a big one

We caught a few small Brookies but the fun is just getting on the river and zoning out while trying to perfect your technique. The fish will judge how good you are.

We get back near dark and another great day camping. I could do this for a living. I really could.

Watching the Bush TV.

The next morning, I set up my ‘office’ to get a little work done before we get in a full day of fun. I guess I am doing this for a living!

Camp Office
Who says your office can’t be outdoors.

Our plan this morning is to go to the Hot Springs and do some soaking before we head on to Sekui to see Kara and Zander (and others!). But before we do that we need to pack up.

We had some visitors first. Two little guys came by and really, really wanted to see a Tesla. They had never seen one up close. They are from Kentucky and are on the road visiting family (like us!). They work remotely, so they too are like us! When Mom and the rest of the kids come on over looking for where the missing little ones are, we get into a long interesting conversation. Get used to that if you drive a Tesla. People are curious.

Telsa Kids
Can we see your Tesla?
Tesla Kids

The fact that they not only knew what a Tesla was and could recognize it on sight, but they also knew why it existed. To change our planet over to renewable sources of energy, gave my heart a pause. The next generation totally gets it while most of ours does not. Perhaps there is hope for my Grandkids even yet.

Anyway, off to the Hot Springs! We get a soak and a shower (needed one). I love to do hot soaks, very relaxing and puts me in a great frame of mind every time. No different here. When we are done we head off to our long term goal of Sekiu.

A Better Route Planner

Fishing, camping, Hot Springs. A really good place to stay!

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