You are a Contractor!

If you drive Rideshare, you are a contractor. Get over it. You work when you want. You work for other companies. when you want and who you want. You know what the payment agreement is before you start.  You decide who does or does not get into your personal car.  You deduct all your expenses from your taxes because you are a business.  You, my friend, are a contractor.

What is the problem? California is trying to pass AB-5.

A number of Uber and Lyft drivers are protesting outside Uber’s San Francisco headquarters today to demand the passage of Assembly Bill 5 and the right to unionize.

That bill would make you (the driver) an employee. You can be made to wear a uniform, told when and where to drive or be fired.  You could also be prevented from working at all as the company will control your shift and hours worked. All expenses will be non-tax deductible (thanks Trump) since the ‘Tax Break’ was passed and removed all employee non reimbursed business  deductions.  Fuel, car, insurance, all of it will no longer be tax deductible once you are classified as an employee.  So all you can earn will be  ‘minimum wage’ for the hours they LET you drive.  Awesome.

In short, AB-5, which has already passed in the California State Assembly, would ensure gig economy workers are entitled to minimum wage, workers’ compensation and other benefits.

Over 70% of Rideshare drivers like their flexibility.  Do you think these are actual drivers pushing for this?  No.  This is Taxi companies and ex-Taxi drivers doing this.  And they will win, you will lose, and it is that simple.

It is disheartening that people are so easily fooled by false promises.  That said, I would not mind forcing Rideshare companies or all Gig platforms for that matter,  to provide benefit and retirement plans for contractors to opt into.  Great things.  Good for Gig workers, good for society.  But I need to BUY THEM, not be GIVEN them (with strings attached) as compensation,  so that I remain independent.  Raise the rates, pass that on to me, let me (or make me) buy the plans as I see fit.  As long as my take home remains the same (or better) but I get additional benefits and independence.  But do not make me an employee.  Do not make me your wage slave, Thank you very much.

If this bill passes (and it will), Uber and Lyft are done in California as we know it. Only Taxis will remain (Uber and Lyft will become Taxi companies) and the goal of what these idiots are wanting will come true.  Then just the autonomous cars will remain, which is the same thing just done a different way.

People in general are idiots and as such can be manipulated to shoot themselves in their own foot and say it is for their own good.  Just promise them something for free.  Easy as.


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