Rideshare Drivers Cheer DiDi Competition

Didi has overtaken Uber in its native China.

Read the article here to see what’s going on for Brisbane rideshare drivers and ‘Why your Uber driver may be cancelling your ride this week.’ [August 1, 2019]

Rideshare drivers are at the mercy of their platform providers: they set the fare rates they charge customers and the fees they charge drivers. If you want to drive for Uber, Lyft, Ola, DiDi, or for an independent, you accept their TOS and make your business work within those terms. The platform providers may not legally be your employer, but functionally they are. They set the rules and define the game board.

You decide to play. It either works for you or it doesn’t. Only you can make the call if driving is worth your time and effort… versus other options you have.

It’s basic business: get the best deal you can. Get the most money you can from your customers and the most concessions from your vendors (rideshare drivers in this case). Drivers, don’t expect anything else from a for-profit organization.

Independent contractors have little direct negotiation power with these ‘non-employer employers’, a reality many drivers have a hard time accepting because they’re still carrying an employee or union mindset.

But, they can play the game to exert pressure in the marketplace. It sounds like that’s what savy Brisbane drivers are doing.

The game goes on…

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