Real Life Model 3 Road Trip: Who would do this?

Up until this trip, we had never really ‘gone’ anywhere with the Tesla. Sure, we have driven it a lot, but not on a road trip. This series of blog posts are going to be about what happens when you drive an all-electric car cross country in the western United States. We are going to use it as a camper. You heard me, we are going to live, sleep in it this entire trip. Most people tell us we are crazy, we will find out.

My name is Rick and my partner is Kathy. We are US Citizens who happen to live in Australia as permanent residents.. Our US base is Denver, and we go to the USA a lot, on a regular basis. We are self-employed and work wherever there is internet. We run and develop mobile phone apps.

We recently bought a brand new Tesla Model 3 that we keep here in the US. We have the long range, rear wheel drive model. The reason we own this car is that it is an investment for our new company called JAA (means ‘share’ in Finnish). You can read our blog post about what JAA is and its investment goals in our other JAA post sections.
We have tried a few things with this resource: Uber, Lyft, renting to rideshare drivers and Turo rentals.

We are trying various forms of monetization for our investment as we are waiting on FSD to arrive. One way is to rent our car out using the Turo platform–it’s like Airbnb for cars. We use a third party service at the Denver International Airport that does the check in, check out, toll billing, Fine parking lot billing, charging billing, van customer pickup and delivery to the airport and the car’s charging. This seems to work the best for us. It allows us to drop the car off at the airport when we go back to Australia and have a car available to us when we return to Denver. When we leave it at the airport, we rent it out with no need of action on our part. Just passive income.

If you are coming to Denver and want to rent a Tesla, please look us up here.

I will update this blog as we go along!


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