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Yes, there’s more.

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We’ve been building apps for years, for NextWave and for private clients.

NextWave apps deliver Big Business functionality to individuals and Small Business Gig Economy workers like yourself:

  • Native apps: iOS, Android, Windows 8 and 10
  • Mobile apps: for Apple, Android, and legacy Windows devices.
  • Integrated companion mobile apps for PC apps.

Because we’re part of the gig economy too, we get small business owners like yourself.

Our goal is to deliver app solutions to meet your business needs WITHOUT CHARGING YOU MONTHLY FEES. Use our apps and let the advertisers pay us for the many hours it’s taken us to create these apps, instead of you!

ALL NextWave apps are totally FREE or carry an affordable, one-time cost for extended features.

Gig economy workers around the world struggle to manage their businesses and create tax records. Each business is different and your business needs are unique. No worries. There’s a NextWave app that makes your record management easier! For FREE.

Customize key app features to fit your work and record keeping style. Recording tax records is an annoying part of running your business but essential—you MUST have to have tax records to take tax deductions—or your accountant or tax authority will not be happy. Paying taxes is hard enough, don’t get fined because you don’t have solid tax records.

An app designed for seamless use in your normal business process means you’ll be more likely to use it! Less pain, more gain: PAY LESS TAX and keep more of your $$$!

NextWave apps’ multiple upgrade options save your data locally to your device or to the cloud. Use WiFi sync for communication among devices and data management.

Which NextWave Gig Economy app do you need to start using today?


  • iDrive Mileage
  • iDrive Rideshare (multiple partners)
  • iDrive for Uber (any partner, fare analysis)
  • iDrive Car Cost Calculator (for new drivers)


  • ScrumMaster Project Management
  • Agile Story Sizing Cards


  • Easy Expense Tracker (legacy Windows 8)
  • Easy Auto Log (legacy Windows phones)
  • Easy Receipt Log (legacy Windows phones)