Drive for many Rideshare platforms?

Then you want to track everything there is to know about your business using these platforms with the least amount of effort.

Start using iDrive Rideshare.

Easy and simple to use

Just use the Start Driving button to start your shift and then the Stop Driving button to end your shift and you get all your miles and time worked!

It runs in the background while you drive your shift. You don’t have do anything at all to get your basic information tracked.

Keep Records to Maximize Tax Deductions with NextWave-iDrive-apps

Save on Taxes!

Keeping records saves you from paying too much tax! You do that by tracking everything.

Track all your shift mileage—not just fare mileage—for tax records. Every mile you drive is tax deductible in most countries.

Record all business expenses for itemized tax deductions. You may not use them on your taxes, but you do need to know what you are spending!

Your business is more than just taxes

You need to know what your goals are and how well you are meeting those goals.

Goals are a fun and easy way to motivate yourself while you drive. You know why you are driving and what you need to make today’s shift worth your while. Keep track of that.

Set a $hift $$$ goal every time you drive.

Add fares during your shift.

Watch your $$$ goal progress and $/hr earnings.

Enter your fares as you go

See more information while you drive. Anytime.

If you track your earnings as you go or at the end of a shift you begin to start to get real information while you drive. But more than that, you track all income and can use that to verify that the platforms do not change your income after the fact.

Run your business

By taking that next step of tracking what you earn and what you spend, you level up your knowledge of what you and your business are actually doing.

Use any platform

Analyze fares by fare type and track cash separately

Analyze which days of the week make you the most $$$

Know exactly how much money you really earn and why.

Know exactly how much money you spend and on what.

Understand what you are paying taxes on.

Know how your business really works!

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is iDrive For Uber! Download the app today to get started. It is free and it will always be free. Every feature.

No logins. No passwords. No one sees your data but you.