• 2018 Long Range Rear Wheel Drive Model 3
  • 325 mile range
  • 0-60 mph in 5 seconds
  • Premium sound system
  • Full Autopilot software
  • 4 doors
  • Full Glass Roof.

Investment Terms

TESS is intended to be monetized over a 5 year period for investment. Investors will be provided monthly income from each months returns based on ownership share percentage. Tess will be resold at the end of the five year term and all proceeds are then distributed to investors.

TESS Monetization

This Tesla is based in Denver Colorado. It is available full time for income generation. All financial information about this car can be obtained by qualified investors interested in owning part of this car by contacting JAA here.

Turo Car Rentals

This car is rented using the Turo car rental site to generate sales to car rental customers. This car is operated out of the Denver International Airport at the private parking service Fine Airport Parking.

Free shuttle service to and from the airport

Potential customers book and rent the car from Turo. When they arrive in Denver Airport, they use the convenient Fine Airport Parking shuttles to get the to the lot. Once at the lot, the attendants will get the car and go thru all the checkout procedures to get the customer on their way. While waiting for the checkout, the customer can stay in the great customer lounge provided by Fine Airport Parking.

Fine Airport Parking Customer Lounge

When the customer returns to the airport, they return the car to the Fine Airport parking lot to have an attendant check the car in and get the customer on their way. This process uses the standard Turo check-in and check-out processes that includes checking customer license requirements, full coverage pictures for damage, and billing customer for any additional mileage, tolls or fees incurred, and any Super Charging fees. Fine keeps this car parked indoors when not on rent and fully charged at one of their 40 charging stations. Fine will also wash the car after every trip and detail the car on demand.


This is the management company that we use to put TESS into service at Fine. We pay a fixed fee to this company for all Turo and Fine parking services. This information is available to all qualified investors.


The car is fully insured thru Turo while on rentals. At all other times, JAA holds insurance on the car for all insurable events. Insurance costs are borne equally by investors.

Rideshare Leasing

Another monetization stream we use on Tess is to lease the car to Rideshare drivers to use when they drive either Uber, Lyft or other rideshare platforms. Each driver pays a fixed fee for 8 hours of use. Each qualified driver pays a fixed monthly fee to cover their insurance regardless of use. They are responsible for returning the car charged to at least 80% for the next shift driver.


The car is fully insured thru Rideshare platforms while on rentals. At all other times, JAA holds insurance on the car with qualified drivers for all insurable events. Insurance costs are borne equally by investors.