What’s Your Side Hustle?

TRUTH: You’re in business to make money.

GOAL: You want to make as much $$$ as possible with the least effort.

YOUR PLAN: Maximize Income, minimize ExpenseMINIMIZE TAX PAID.

Going into business for yourself sounds simple and it is… and it isn’t. You need a plan. You need good information. You need tools like a NextWave app to help you run your business.

New to running a business?

Learn about these 3 different areas of your business.

  1. Business Basics. How to translate $$$ earnings paid into your bank account into how to think about your business’ income, expense, and profit. Understand the different ways to think about profit, before and after income tax, and create your own definition of success. Understand why you need tax records and your tax reporting requirements. Create a painless record keeping routine.
  2. Side Hustle Tips for Success. There is an art and science to running your gig successfully. Some tips are generic and apply to every gig opportunity, some advice is very specific to your business type. Ideas are shared here.
  3. How to use iDrive apps. Built to be flexible, you choose which features to use. The How To and FAQs show you how the apps work so you can use iDrive apps to get the results YOU want.

Check out these Business Basics topics.

  • How Much $$$ Can I Make?
  • Where Do I Start?
  • Why Think about Taxes Now? [add live link]