Practice Remote Viewing and Precognition
Practice by Yourself

Standard Zenner (symbol) cards and color cards are used the same way as if you had a partner flipping cards and counting your correct responses for you while you’re blindfolded.

But, the voice recognition capabilities of your phone let you practice ‘blindfolded’ remote viewing trials on your own.

You never need someone to manage a card deck for you and track your results again!

How It Works

For remote viewing practice, close your eyes or use a blindfold.  The symbol or color displays on your phone.

  • Can you ‘see’ in your mind’s eye the image of the symbol or color displayed?

For precognition practice, concentrate on the back of the card displayed.

  • Can you predict which symbol or color will display on your phone, before it’s randomly chosen by the app?  Make your choice, the card flips to display the result.

Your phone ‘listens’ to your responses and tracks your success, for each practice session, by session type.

Check Your Results!

The reports and graphs show your improvement over time.

Learn ESP not only keeps track of your results per session, it analyzes your results, looking for your personal response patterns.

It’s a Deal!

Download it now and give it a go!  All updates are free—that’s just how NextWave does business.

FREE to use.  Download Learn ESP
for Windows Phone and check it out now!