The WooferWiz customer and WooferBiz business apps are companion apps to WooferWiz, a pet services software solution created by Simple Business Software.

Simple Business Software needed to take their software solutions to the next level—extending PC database functionality into the field for use on mobile devices.

NextWave worked with Simple Business Software to develop five customer mobile apps. WooferWiz now delivers Big Business tools to any Small Business in the service industry… in this case, the Pet Services Industry.

WooferWiz Customer App for Windows Phone

WooferBiz Phone App for WooferWiz Clients

WooferWiz runs on a PC and brings all business details together for easy business management.

  • Appointment schedule
  • Customer records
  • Payment records
  • Invoicing
  • Expense records
  • Inventory
  • Tax reports

If you run a pet services business—pet salon, mobile pet grooming, dog walking service, pet boarding, dog training, or doggie day care—you need WooferWiz!  Check it out!

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Phone Apps for WooferWiz Customers

WooferWiz phone apps make it easy for new and existing customers to see service availability and request an appointment from their WooferWiz service provider.

WooferWiz customers request appointments from groomers
WooferWiz Customer App makes appointment scheduling easy

Customers find it so easy to use—they simply click to cancel an appointment, make a phone call, send an SMS, or email the service provider.

Businesses using WooferWiz love that their customers have a way to schedule appointments other than by giving them a call.

Especially for mobile groomers, too often the call comes in the middle of job when they’re up to their elbows in bubbles or fur.

No more work interruptions for dog groomers
Manage and confirm appointments in WooferWiz

Now the customer’s request comes directly into their appointment calendar on their WooferWiz database.

They review requests when it’s convenient, usually at the end of the day as part of their close-out routines.

Confirmation in WooferWiz updates the appointment status on the customer’s phone app.

The result?

Better customer service and improved communication!

Happy customers!  Happy business owners!

Phone Apps are coming!

Now in final development, check back soon!

Happy pet services customers