Release Highlights

Windows 10 code rewrite.
Takes advantage of Continuum’s improved UI that runs smoothly on all device sizes.

 Added KanBan board to manage the entire project or use within meetings
 Multiple Projects are standard (previously an upgrade)
 Download multiple in-app DEMO projects to preview ScrumMaster features and functionality
 Added project Releases feature
 Added ability to move tasks between Releases
Microsoft Phone Store Improved Dashboard UI
Microsoft Phone Store Improved all edit functions: Stories, Tasks, Chapters, Milestones
Microsoft Phone Store Improved meeting UI: Sprint Planning, Daily Standup, Retrospective
Microsoft Phone Store Added Microsoft OneNote integration into all meetings
Microsoft Phone Store Improved and redesigned Burndown Chart (Planning to Finish)
Microsoft Phone Store Major simplification of WiFi connectivity: ScrumMaster to Agile Story Sizing Cards for Sprint Planning
Microsoft Phone Store Advertising disappears upon purchase (previous upgrade)

 Team Foundation Server (TFS) integration

  • Automatically sync data between ScrumMaster and TFS
  • The new ScrumMaster supports TFS online and TFS local servers
  • Data syncs include:
    • Stories and Tasks
    • Chapters
    • Releases
    • Sprints
    • Team members
Issues Fixed in this Version

IssueInitial release of Windows 10 version. Known Windows 8 issues addressed.


Release Highlights

Faster initial load times
Improved information on backlog stories: current sprints are labeled and the checkmark lets you see what stories and tasks are in the current sprint
Stories can now be edited directly from the Daily Standup task list.
Additional tasks created after Sprint Planning, in stories already included in a sprint, can now be added to the current sprint (click plus icon)
Added new menu item: Get More Stuff (cloud icon) that controls all in app product purchases, access to companion applications, and new features
Added ability to download a standard demonstration project for all application versions
Microsoft Phone Store Added new AdRotator control to give NextWave better control of advertisers and how advertising works
Microsoft Phone Store Added Auto-Save and Auto-Backup on fixed time schedules if configured

Issues Fixed in this Version

Issue Milestones not being reloaded after save event
Issue Added date for last sprint retropective on burndown chart
Issue Updated demonstration project data file
Issue Adding spike story in retrospective of daily standup caused data issue in prior sprint history graph
Issue Fixed print order for Topics in Requirements Report
Issue Fixed missing column for Agreed To value on Sprint History Report

Release Highlights

 Initial product release in Windows Store