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Dynamically Manage
Backlog and Burndown

If you are the scrum master managing an Agile project for a small development team, ScrumMaster™ is the project management tool you’ve been looking for.

Go Mobile—Make YOUR scrum life easier

You need a mobile, all-in-one PM tool.  One that goes with you into meetings.  ScrumMaster on your tablet lets you update status with a single touch, right then—no more juggling between running the meeting and spreadsheet data entry, or taking hurried notes to enter once you’re back at your desk.  Of course you can run it on your PC too.

Custom Project Management

You need a PM tool that handles the unique needs of your project.  Customize project parameters such as sprint, team member details, and of course, target velocity.

You need to be able to organize, add, delete, and update stories and tasks—quickly, easily, and at any point in the process—at your desk and during Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-Ups, and Retrospectives.

NextWave ScrumMaster does all that and more.  Check this out!

Work Flow Flexibility

You need flexibility in how you use your PM tool.  It needs to mesh seamlessly with your team’s project work flow.  You may hold team meetings for all sprint phases, you may not.

Automated Sprint Planning Vote & Tally

Companion voting apps Agile Story Sizing Cards™ connect you to your team’s personal phones and tablets for sprint planning voting—they vote on their tablet or phone, you see the result on your screen.  ScrumMaster tallies the results but lets you adjust the final story point value as needed.

Automatic Status Changes

You need a tool that automatically updates any change to status, velocity, or end date and immediately displays the result—because instant analytics make for better discussion, decision-making, and reporting.

Level up: Increased scrum power

ScrumMaster‘s unique features bring an added dimension to Agile methodology… lessons learned from the trenches.  Here’s a sample of new information you can leverage for increased efficiency:

  • Meeting time (normally an invisible project cost) is automatically tracked, assigned a story point value, and added to the Backlog.
  • Average dev team cost is automatically calculated.
  •  Change variables in the Burndown Chart and instantaneously see the impact on delivery end date.  (see video above)
  • And of course, you need to be able to communicate project status to others.  Export reports, capture graphs, or use your data in Word, Excel, and PDF formats to meet your reporting obligations.

ScrumMaster simply makes managing scrum easier, but don’t take our word for it.  Check it out for yourself.

  1. Download the FREE trial version right now.  Build your own test project or download the Demo.scrum file.
  2. Invite team members using Windows 8 devices to replace their planning poker card decks with the FREE Agile Story Sizing Cards apps—streamline task voting during sprint planning meetings.
It’s a Deal!

Best yet?  NextWave ScrumMaster delivers value every day—there are no cloud or ongoing service fees!  Same for additional features purchased as Upgrade options.  And all updates are free—that’s just how NextWave does business.

FREE to use for 30 days.  One-time purchase for $29.99 USD.
No monthly fees!  Download NextWave ScrumMaster and check it out now!

FREE to use.  Download integrated companion app
Agile Story Sizing Cards for Windows Phone and check it out now!

FREE to use.  Download integrated companion app
Agile Story Sizing Cards for Windows PC and check it out now!

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