We hated tracking expenses

Our mileage log book was dog-eared.  Usually had to hunt it down when we remembered to use it… it was under the seat, stuffed into the glove box or back in the office next to the PC.  Was every entry in there?  Nope.  And missing deductions cost us money at tax time.

the old log book
the Receipts pile

Then there was that box of receipts that got pulled out at tax time.  Nobody knows how many receipts were missing from it.

Many were too faded to read and use.

Some were missing details—and it always takes more time to go back and add the ‘Who-Why-Where’ when you do it after the fact.

There’s gotta be a better way!

We had to find it.  We needed an app solution that supported solid recordkeeping practice.  We needed to make the business side of our lives easier.  The solution had to be easy and a natural part of our daily life or we wouldn’t use it.

We needed “Real apps for real Life.”  We bet you do too.

iDrive for Uber

iDrive for Uber, the app for Uber and other ride share drivers


By Uber drivers, for Uber (and other platform) rideshare drivers, this app puts more money in your pocket.

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It’s FREE! Download the app NOW

Test drive iDrive for Uber!
Test drive iDrive for Uber!


Windows PC and phone apps that work independently and together—they can exchange records seamlessly. Each is designed to do the right job on the right device.

3 Windows Apps: Best Small Business Solution

Expense Tracker

Easy Expense Tracker

Easy Expense Tracker takes income, receipt expenses, mileage expenses, and Mojio vehicle information and creates records you can manage.

  • Complete expense reports
  • Organize tax documentation
  • Monitor financial basics

Use companion apps Easy Receipt Log and Easy Auto Log and you’ve automated data entry—with quantum leaps in the quality of your recordkeeping!

EET App Details
EET Product Details

Easy Receipt Log

Easy Receipt Log and Easy Expense Tracker

Use Easy Receipt Log to capture a receipt the minute you get it.  Immediately add key accounting details.  Done!

Now send it off to Easy Expense Tracker via WiFi or through your OneDrive cloud account… like magic, the record shows up in your Easy Receipt Log table of expenses.

The new receipt is in the Gallery with the rest of your receipts.

Everything you need is on your PC or tablet, organized and ready!

ERL App Details
ERL Product Upgrades


Easy Auto Log

Easy Auto Log and Easy Expense Tracker

Tap to start Easy Auto Log or if you’ve got Mojio, start your engine—you’re tracking your trip mileage.  By Trip and by Trip Leg, just in case different reimbursement rates apply.  End your Trip.  Add key accounting details if you want.  Done!

Send it off to Easy Expense Tracker, now or later, via WiFi or through your OneDrive cloud account… like magic, your record shows up in your mileage expense table.  Captured vehicle expenses, too.

EAL App Details
EAL App Product Upgrades