What’s in the Mojio Upgrade?
  • A Radar screen displays all Mojio-enabled vehicles, real time
  • Reconcile Missing Mojio Trips and add them into EET.
  • For $4.99 USD.
  • One time cost.
    No monthly fees or any other recurring fees.

Purchase the upgrade from within the app.

Purchase Mojio Upgrade

The Mojio Upgrade is only available with the full Pro Upgrade version of Easy Expense Tracker.

Features You’ll Want to Keep Using
  • A Radar screen that lets you monitor all Mojio-enabled vehicles
    • Real time statistics
    • Current location on a map
    • Calculate which vehicle is closest to a specific location or Waypoint
    • Immediate access to each vehicle’s details
  • Missing a few trips?  Reconcile your current EET trip records with Mojio.
    • Reconcile Missing Mojio Trips brings all Mojio trips into the table.
    • Decide which Trips to import, EET creates the new records.
Use Radar to monitor all Mojio vehicles with details
Find missing trips with EET Reconcile Missing Mojio Trips
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