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Wherever you drive, you need:

  • A Vehicle Log for tax reporting — proof of shift mileage driven
  • Business expense details — to know how many $$$ you REALLY made
If you’re serious about making money, it’s not enough to know from your Partner app how much you made in FARES.
You need to know how much TIME you’ve spent driving and the DISTANCE you drove to make those dollars.
As a self-employed business person, you have TAX OBLIGATIONS and you need to know your BOTTOM LINE.

Ask your accountant* about your specific tax needs and how using the iDrive app can make you more money.

It’s a FREE app. How do you want to put it to work?


Use the App 3 Ways

 1. Fastest & Easiest Vehicle Log
  • Turn on the app and GO! It runs in the background while you drive and records Total Shift Mileage. Use the CSV file report and standard tax mileage rate* for basic tax report calculations.
2. Simple Expense & Receipt Records
  • Record every fuel and business purchase with a picture of the receipt — the Add New Fuel Purchase and Add New Expense Receipt buttons are ready when you need them. The Fuel Log displays vehicle details. The Expense Log and receipt images are your tax record. With a start and end odometer reading and the Total Shift Mileage, the app calculates Business Use %.
3. Analysis & Reports for Serious Pro Drivers

Add fare information from your Partner app while driving a shift. See your profitability, in real time.

  • Shift time, total distance, and cost estimate
  • Shift Earnings $ and progress to Target $
  • Current $ / Hour Rate
  • Driving Efficiency: Paid & Non Paid mileage
  • Track details for multiple vehicles
See your shift earnings, dollars per hour, and driving efficiency as you drive, on the home screen.
And There’s More
  • Use the app to plan drive time. Create a driving schedule with Target $ earnings as part of your driving strategy.
  • Total Shift Mileage includes a map of the entire shift.
  • Adding your fare information into the app creates a downloadable shift work history. and tracks the Business Use % of your car.
  • View your Cash Flow, the hard dollars in and out of your business, and an estimated Profitability statement—the income you’ll pay taxes on.
  • Review shifts by the Day of Week for profitability insights.
  • Use built-in tools to Check Local Fuel Prices.
  • Use pre-sets for directions to Important Locations you rarely drive to.
  • Send off a Quick Message as a phone call, text or email.
  • Start Emergency Video Recording—using your phone’s camera system.

Take advantage of all features.

Real-time fully automatic GPS tracking is on, even when the app’s running in the background.
  1. Turn on the iDrive for Uber app when you start driving a shift and hit GO! Then start your Uber Partner app. You’re ready!

    The app captures total business mileage—the key to maximizing profitability and tax deductions.
  2. Buying fuel? Fill up your tank.
    Select current odometer, add cost and fuel units, take a picture of your receipt.
  3. Add fare revenue and distance.
    Add fare dollars and distance from Trip History, including any cash fares and tips.
  4. Ending your shift? Tap Stop Driving.
    That’s it! You can send captured trip data to the cloud or your email account.

iDrive for Uber

iDrive for Uber, the app for Uber and other ride share drivers
iDrive for Uber

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*We’ve created a great tool to help with your bookkeeping but we’re in the software business, we can’t give you tax advice. Every country’s tax laws are different. Every driver’s tax situation is different. See your accountant to discuss your specific business needs. If you use iDrive diligently, your reports should provide the bookkeeping records required for most business accounting and tax reporting situations.