Now what_idrive-for-uber-app

Okay, you downloaded the app.

Now what?

Get set up—it won’t take long. Each ride share business and country’s tax laws are unique. Personalize your settings.

Then start using the app!

Come back here to see how features work and best practice to make the most of them.

Click each + to see topic details.

Remember, different countries and different drivers have different accounting and tax reporting needs. Check with a tax professional* to decide how you can customize and best use iDrive for your business situation.

Initial App Set Up

STEP 1. Add Your Name

Add your name_initial setup_idrive-for-uber-app

STEP 2. Your Accounting Settings

Go to Settings_idrive-for-uber-app

Your accounting settings_initial-setup_idrive-for-uber-app

Your accounting settings_initial-setup_idrive-for-uber-app

STEP 3. Your Car’s Name

Add your car name_initial-setup_idrive-for-uber-app

Add your car name_initial-setup_idrive-for-uber-app

STEP 4. Odometer Reading

Add your odometer reading_initial-setup_idrive-for-uber-app

Add your odometer reading_initial-setup_idrive-for-uber-app

STEP 5. Fuel Receipt Defaults

Add your fuel receipt defaults_initial-setup_idrive-for-uber-app.png

Initial Set Up Summary

All good? Let's drive!

Using the iDrive App

Apps On, Apps Off!

It’s all about getting yourself into a routine.

Like cleaning your car, stocking your amenities, putting up your sticker, turning on iDrive and then your partner app quickly becomes a habit.

Add starting iDrive to your ride share driving routine!

*We’ve created a great tool to help with your bookkeeping but we’re in the software business, we can’t give you tax advice. Every country’s tax laws are different. Every driver’s tax situation is different. See your accountant to discuss your specific business needs. If you use iDrive diligently, your reports should provide the bookkeeping records required for most business accounting and tax reporting situations.