Receipt Details

As a business owner or corporate road warrior, receipts are part of your daily life.

Maintaining your system requires constant effort, whether you are meticulous about keeping, recording, filing, and storing your paper receipts… or you save them up and do them all at once.

Add Expense Receipt Details
Your Receipts:
Organized or Not?

When it comes to accounting, ‘good practice’ is to enter your information “in a timely fashion”.  ‘Best practice’ is to enter it immediately.

Let’s face it, when a task is easy to do and part of our routine, it’s more likely to happen.

Finally, it’s EASY to stay on top of business documentation and tax requirements!
5 Easy Steps

So let Easy Receipt Log help you out.

  1. Start the capture.
  2. Snap a picture of your receipt
  3. Is the image clear?  Accept it.
  4. Add the Amount, select key information fields
  5. Send off the receipt (sync to Easy Expense Tracker running on your PC, up to your cloud account, or off to your email)  Bring your record into EET or use the CSV data in another program—you’re ready to deal with your expense or accounting forms
Use your phone

Your phone is always with you, right?

Easy Receipt Log puts smartphone technology to work for you, and finally, it’s EASY to stay on top of business and tax requirements.

Unless your company policy or country’s tax office says otherwise, electronic versions of your receipts are acceptable expense records.  Capturing receipts on your smartphone is easy enough, but there’s more to creating a tax record.  A receipt without details is not a tax record.

Save Entry Time

NextWave apps work great as is.  But, the more an app mimics your lifestyle and the less time it takes you to enter data, the more useful the app is to you.

Maximize your efficiency!  An in-app tutorial shows you how add, edit, and delete key fields.  Here are some tips.

  • All receipts collect into a single Gallery folder (by Date is the default).  You can group multiple, related receipts into a single folder for easy reference by first creating a Trip name.
  • Set currency default once and only change it as needed.
  • Create your own dropdown menu items for fast item selection.  List specific expense Categories, expense Category Types, Payment Types, and Companies you routinely work with.
  • Enable automatic email or sync to Easy Expense Tracker or your cloud account.
  • The Tip Calculator‘s tip %, rounding, and bill splitting options make international calculations easy—change a single entry or reset the default as you travel.

Depending on your phone, you can enable your phone’s Speech Recognition capabilities and simply talk to complete key information fields.  NOTE: This feature works better on some phones and languages than it does on others.

Tax Time!

Stressed about Tax prep?  Have a pile of receipts?  Digitize your paper receipts using Easy Receipt Log on your phone.

No need to sort first!  Just type in the date, amount, and select your accounting expense Category.  Use Easy Expense Tracker and each record files into the correct Fiscal Year.  Tidy up the details.  Now your receipts are organized, documented for tax purposes, and any accounting entries are a breeze.

Saving Your Records

Save your records for free.  Set ERL to automatically create an email for each Trip record (it includes its CSV information).  When you end the Trip, you decide whether to send that particular email or not.

But if you want more ways to manage Trip records, check out these super low-cost Upgrade Options:

For about the cost of a cup of coffee, an Easy Receipt Log upgrade option delivers value every day—without cloud or ongoing service fees!  We constantly improve the apps and all updates are free too—that’s just how NextWave does business.

Here’s The Easiest Record Management Solution

Use ERL on your phone to create your Trip records.  Manage them with Easy Expense Tracker, the backend Windows 8 PC app that brings it all together.

If you use the WiFi Sync Upgrade, EET AUTOMATICALLY connects with Easy Receipt Log to download your trip records when you walk in the door.  Or use the Cloud Sync Upgrade and EET uses your OneDrive account to bring them into your database.

Now each record is ready and waiting for you on your PC or tablet.  EET makes it easy to edit and manage entries, print reports, or send your data to Excel, Word, PDF or CSV.  You’re done!

It’s a Deal!

Too good to be true?  Try the apps yourself.  Use the basic apps for FREE.

We know you’ll love them.  When you want the additional features that make your life even easier, simply buy the upgrade that’s right for you—or all of them—because at these prices, you can afford to get them all.  Maximize your efficiency.  Set up your app to match your needs.


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