Attn: Corporate Road Warriors

Attn: Business Owners.  Always on the go.  Always need to

  • Track expenses, including the ‘Who-Why-Where’ for tax accounting
  • Capture and manage receipts and documents
  • Count your miles (or kilometres!) by mileage rate
  • Deal with different fiscal years or currency rates
  • File expense reports
  • Complete accounting and tax forms
corporate road warriors

Easy Expense Tracker is not just another expense tracking app.

It is not an accounting program.
It is a tech-integrated record management system.

Yes, you can use it to manually enter your mileage and receipt expenses, one record entry at a time.

But there’s a better way.

Use EET on your PC or tablet and its companion apps Easy Receipt Log and Easy Auto Log on your phone.

Now you can move your detailed expense records from your phone apps into Easy Expense Tracker on your PC or tablet AUTOMATICALLY.

Instant data entry.  Instant tax documentation!  A record includes the receipt image or the ability to recreate a map of the Trip or Trip Leg—and as much or as little expense detail as you need.

Easy Expense Tracker and Companion AppsEasy Expense Tracker and companion apps

Multiple Benefits

Easier?  Time-saving?  Less aggravating?  You bet… which means you’ll use it!

Using your phone—which you have with you all the time—makes it easy to make this routine a habit.

Recording expenses immediately improves your recordkeeping practices—which means your tax accountant is happy too!

And maybe best of all, claiming all your deductions puts more of your money back in your pockets.

Use the Right Device for the Task

NextWave apps take advantage of each device’s tech strengths.  Smartphones are ideal for recording information—especially when traveling.  But when it comes to entering or managing expense details, wouldn’t you rather work from your PC or tablet?

Maximize Your Efficiency

Whether you’re a corporate road warrior or tracking expenses for yourself, Easy Auto Log and Easy Receipt Log let you start MANAGING your expense reports from your phone, while you’re on the road.  Track your mileage and capture receipts.

In a rush?  Simply enter the bare details on your phone.

Sync your records when convenient.  Back at your PC, review and fine-tune the details from Easy Expense Tracker, on a full size screen using a real keyboard.  As you prepare reports:

  • Add forgotten items, edit or delete existing items
  • Use the Dashboard for a quick expense analysis
  • Run and print Easy Expense Tracker reports
  • Export to Excel or send your accountant your .EET file
Be Tax Audit Ready

Stressed about Tax prep?  Have a shoebox full of receipts?  Digitize your paper receipts using Easy Receipt Log on your phone.  Import the records to your PC with Easy Expense Tracker.

Don’t sort the pile first!

  1. Just snap the picture, type in the receipt date and amount, and select your accounting expense Category.
  2. Use the ERL Cloud Sync or WiFi Sync Upgrade to send your records directly to EET on your PC.
  3. Easy Expense Tracker files each record into the correct Fiscal Year.
  4. Change record details as needed.  Now your receipts are organized and documented for tax purposes.
Select, Don’t Type

There’s so much more to Easy Expense Tracker.

  • Type less!  Customized menu items are the fastest way to work from your PC, tablet or phone.  Add your accounts, clients, and payment methods by name.
  • Organize records by client, trip, or date.
  • Visually scan the Receipt Photo Gallery for missing items.
  • Segregate record types: Income, Receipts, Mileage, and Documents
  • Sort your table display view and personalize its colors.
  • Set currency exchange rates or click to update with today’s daily rate.
  • Use EET reports or export your data—Excel, Word, PDF, CSV.
  • Made a menu item change in EET?  Push the changes to all phones using the phone Sync Upgrades and keep all entry fields identical.

Download the app and try it out—experience full app functionality for FREE for the first 50 records you create!  You’ll know by then it’s an app that can make your life easier and well worth the Pro Upgrade to continue using it.  Find out more…

Easy Expense Tracker Pro Upgrade power gives you unlimited access to all features.

Add Vehicle Radar and Trip Reconciliation with the Mojio Upgrade.

It’s a Deal!

Too good to be true?  We could go on and on but you really need to try these apps yourself.

How much do they cost?  Use the basic apps for FREE.  We know you’ll love them and they may do exactly what you need to do as is.

You may want more options.  If you decide one of the upgrades makes your life easier, buy just the upgrade that’s right for you.  Or all of them—because at these prices, you can afford to get them all.  A single purchase, there are no monthly fees and future updates are free.


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