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$19.99 USD

EET Full Version Upgrade

You’ve taken Easy Expense Tracker for a test drive for free!  Now you can see how easy it is to have your expense records organized and available for analysis, reports, or tax preparation.

Purchase the app to keep all features active after you’ve reached 50 records.  Once.  No cloud fees.  No monthly fees.  Here’s how it works…

$4.99 USD

Mojio for Connected Cars
Mojio Upgrade to EET

This upgrade lets you manage users for one or more Mojio connected cars and puts EET power to work.  See exactly where each vehicle is on the map at any time—perfect for coordinating activities.  If you’d like, monitor Mojio driving metrics such as too fast acceleration or sudden braking.  Engine diagnostics display and flag conditions such as low fuel or battery levels… and much more.

Think you’re missing some mileage expense records?  Reconcile your EET records against your Mojio data.  EET automatically creates new records for you to review.  Add details to those you want to keep and rest easy—you know your records are complete!  Here’s how it works…