You’re financially savvy

Or you want to get better about managing your budget.  Maybe you’re a corporate road warrior.  A real estate agent.  A delivery provider.  A small business owner?  You’re always on the go and you need to…

  • Track your trips, including the ‘Who-Why-Where’ for tax accounting
  • Count your miles (or kilometres!) by mileage rate
  • Note costs for each vehicle
  • File expense reports
  • Complete accounting and tax forms

You’ve tried all kinds of expense tracking solutions: diaries, journals, systems, and other apps.  And tracking expenses is still a pain.

Want Pain Relief?

Easy Auto Log puts integrated smartphone technology to work for you.

Finally, it’s EASY to stay on top of business documentation and tax requirements!

Easy Expense Tracker and Companion Apps
Easy Expense Tracker and companion apps

Easy to Set Up and Use

The power of your Windows phone is at your fingertips.  The app’s ready-to-go with minimal setup, use it as is.  Or customize it to meet your specific needs.

Jump in Your Car, Tap-and-Go

Easy Auto Log uses GPS functionality to automatically track and calculate mileage:

  • By each Trip (date by default or you can name the Trip)
  • Mapped by multiple Trip Legs, each with a mileage expense type and rate
  • In as many vehicles as you drive
  • By driver, by vehicle
  • Manual or Bing Map mileage entries, too
Let Mojio Remember When You Forget

If you have a Mojio device installed in your car, you can actively use EAL screens as you track a Trip or simply let the app run in the background.  With the Mojio Upgrade installed, EAL starts tracking a Trip automatically as soon as you turn on your engine.  Yes, it’s that easy!

Started driving and forgot to turn on EAL?  Turn it on mid-trip and it ‘catches up’ the Trip record.

Forgot to turn on your phone?  Use Easy Expense Tracker, the PC companion app, to reconcile your records and find your missing trip records.  You’re saved!

It’s Your App

Customize and personalize it—for function and style!  Create your own custom menus and dropdown lists for fastest data entry.  Have Easy Auto Log remember your routine destinations and expense categories—a quick swipe makes your selection.

Choose your favorite colors to create your own on-screen look and feel.  Add your vehicle images, change map colors and map icons.

Saving Your Records

Save your records for free.  Set EAL to automatically create an email for each Trip record (it includes its CSV information).  When you end the Trip, you decide whether to send that particular email or not.

But if you want more ways to manage Trip records, check out these super low-cost Upgrade Options:

For about the cost of a cup of coffee, an Easy Auto Log upgrade option delivers value every day—without cloud or ongoing service fees!  We constantly improve the apps and all updates are free too—that’s just how NextWave does business.

Here’s The Easiest Record Management Solution

Use EAL on your phone to create your Trip records.  Manage them with Easy Expense Tracker, the backend Windows 8 PC app that brings it all together.

If you use the WiFi Sync Upgrade, EET AUTOMATICALLY connects with Easy Auto Log to download your trip records when you walk in the door.  Or use the Cloud Sync Upgrade and EET uses your OneDrive account to bring them into your database.

Now each record is ready and waiting for you on your PC or tablet.  EET makes it easy to edit and manage entries, print reports, or send your data to Excel, Word, PDF or CSV.  You’re done!

It’s a Deal!

Too good to be true?  Try the apps yourself.  Use the basic apps for FREE.

We know you’ll love them.  When you want the additional features that make your life even easier, simply buy the upgrade that’s right for you—or all of them—because at these prices, you can afford to get them all.  Maximize your efficiency.  Set up your app to match your needs.


Download Easy Auto Log now—it’s FREE!


Download Easy Expense Tracker now—it’s FREE!