What is Mojio?

A little device you plug into your car’s OBD-II diagnostic port, usually located somewhere under your dashboard.  Your mechanic uses it to help diagnose engine problems.

Visit the moj.io website for more details.

Mojio device

Teamed with Easy Auto Log and Easy Expense Tracker, this tech brings

The #1 Best Mileage & Expense Tracking Solution

whether you’re tracking personal or business expenses, for reporting or tax purposes.  These 3 apps work together seamlessly to make expense tracking and reporting EASY.

mojio plug worked in jag_250x200


connects you to your car so you can constantly monitor its activity and health.

  • Engine status
  • Driving monitors (such as speed, hard braking, RPMs), alarms and statistics
  • Vehicle location
Mojio active Trip

+ Easy Auto Log

puts Mojio info at your fingertips and takes mileage expense tracking to the next level.

  • AUTOMATIC mileage expense records, just turn your car on and off
  • Capture Trip expenses as part of the Trip record
  • Watch how someone else drives your car—when you aren’t in it
EET EAL with Mojio

+ Easy Expense Tracker

a comprehensive, record management system that manages your Trip records from your phone to your PC

  • AUTOMATIC data entry via WiFi or OneDrive sync
  • Cloud CSV archive
Start Your Engine—Start Tracking!

Yes, the tech makes it that easy.  Easy Auto Log with the Mojio Upgrade relies upon 2 key driving events:

start engine start tracking
  1. Start your car.  The Mojio-powered EAL app automatically begins to track your Trip details within the app, whether you’re in the car and driving or not.
  2. Turn off your car.  The Trip Leg automatically ends and is recorded.  Key driving metrics, parking, fuel, or receipt data are easily integrated into the Trip record, some automatically.
How’s Your Car?  How’s The Kid’s Driving?  Really? 

If you often lend your vehicle or have young drivers behind the wheel, now you can watch their Trip on your phone as they drive your car.  Check the Map to see where the car is.  Note those other things you might want to discuss with them… speed, acceleration, braking, or fuel level!  And if there’s a problem, you’ll be the first to know—engine and accident alarms give parents peace of mind.

It’s an Anti-Theft App, Too!

Because any time your car suddenly starts moving ‘on its own’, you’ll know.  Even if it’s towed!  Whether your app is on or off, EAL sends you a notification or toast message.  Now you can park on the street or hand over your keys, with confidence.


A Bit of History

The Mojio & Windows Phone Developer Contest kicked off in mid-January and more than 850 developers from around the world registered for the competition.

At NextWave, we saw an opportunity to be one of the first to bring the connected car experience to the Windows phone.  The results two months later…

Easy Auto Log “leveraged Mojio services and WP capabilities well.  It’s a great concept that drives a combination of trip accuracy and automates fuel and travel-related expensing for businesses.”

~ Mike Francis, Microsoft Windows Store contest judge

Creating apps that make managing our lives easier is always a NextWave goal.  Mojio’s real time vehicle data and diagnostics gave us the tools we needed to take NextWave Expense Apps to the next level.

Mojio Sync for EAL
It’s just good business

Maximize your efficiency.  Customize your user settings to best meet your needs as you keep track of one or more Mojio-enabled vehicles on your phone.

Added bonus: EAL gives you the ability to move your driving records from your phone to your Windows PC or tablet using Easy Expense Tracker.  AUTOMATICALLY.  Instant data entry!  Expense records all in one place.

Integrated tech makes business expensing as easy as possible.

It’s a Deal!

If you own a Mojio, you’ve got to check out NextWave’s Mojio-enabled apps.

For the cost of a cup of coffee, Easy Auto Log’s Mojio Upgrade delivers value every day—and there are no cloud or ongoing service fees!  Same for the additional sync features purchased as Upgrade Options.  All updates are free—that’s just how NextWave does business.

Easy Expense Tracker has a Mojio Upgrade too.  Now you can view and monitor all Mojio-connected cars at the same time, real time, on a map on your PC.  See exactly where family or company staff members are and coordinate activities accordingly.    EET also verifies your mileage records are complete.  Use the new Reconcile Mojio feature to see discrepancies between Mojio and your EET expense records.


Download Easy Expense Tracker now—it’s FREE!


Download Easy Auto Log now—it’s FREE!

Purchase Upgrade from your Phone

Add Mojio‘s features.  Purchase this upgrade from your phone.

  • Tap the Mojio button on the Main screen
  • Tap the Upgrade Now button
    ~ Complete your purchase through the Store
  • Sign in to your Mojio account to complete the installation
  • green Mojio button says the app is connected!
Mojio Sync for EAL Upgrade
Wifi Sync for EAL Upgrade
Cloud Sync ERL
Cloud Archive EAL Upgrade