Save your data in your Cloud Account!

This Cloud Sync Upgrade saves your Trip records from Easy Auto Log on your phone to your OneDrive Cloud account.

Easy Expense Tracker imports them, merging them with the rest of your EET records on your PC or tablet.

Sync your records to the Cloud at your convenience, anytime you have a phone connection.

Capture mileage with NextWave Mobile Apps
Manage Your Records

You captured your expense information on your phone.

  • Make it more usable
  • Make it more accessible from your PC or other devices
  • Put it in a safe place
  • Free up data space on your phone
Centralized Record Collection

Are other family members or business associates using Easy Auto Log with this upgrade?  Sync their records to the designated cloud account.  The result?  Record collection without anyone thinking much about it.

All your personal and business trips, vehicle information, and related expense receipts are organized.  Add any additional accounting details and your tax documents are complete.

Both Apps Stay Synced!

As you use EET to manage your records, you’ll make changes to basic information such as names for account types, payment types, companies, and more—this is how you create your personalized dropdown menus.

Of course you don’t want to have to make those changes twice, first on your PC or tablet in EET and then again in EAL on your phone—especially when you have more than one EAL user.

EET can push your changes to the cloud where they can be imported into EAL on all phones.  Keep everyone on the same page and assure all imported EAL Trips use the same record fields.  A real time saver if more than one phone user is reporting records.

Don’t have EET yet? 

Use EET for FREE and add up to 50 records manually, or purchase the full version to use all features—see for yourself why this is the expense record management system you’ve been looking for.

This EAL Cloud Sync Upgrade lets you upload an unlimited number of records from your phone to the cloud for EET to use.


Download Easy Expense Tracker now—it’s FREE!


Download Easy Auto Log now—it’s FREE!

Purchase the Upgrade from your Phone

To add Cloud Sync to Easy Auto Log, purchase this upgrade from your phone.

  • Select Upgrade Now from the Main menu OR
  • Select Upgrade from the bottom menu
  • Select the Cloud Sync option
    ~ Complete your purchase at the Store
  • Set up your apps—see Cloud Sync Set Up above
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