Send CSV data to your Cloud Account!

This Cloud Archive Upgrade saves your Easy Auto Log Trip records as CSV files to your OneDrive Cloud account.  Download the files at your convenience.

Next Step Up from Email

Archive your records to your designated cloud account. If you use CSV files to manage your expenses, you may want to archive your EAL records in your OneDrive cloud account. Download them for use in Excel or other compatible programs at your convenience. IMPORTANT: Only Easy Expense Tracker can recreate and display Easy Auto Log map graphics of your past trips from imported EAL files.  This functionality is not available from Cloud Archive CSV files. Family members or business associates who use Easy Auto Log with this upgrade can also upload their CSV files to the designated cloud account.  The result?  A complete library of CSV files, ready for your recordkeeping tasks.

But there’s a much easier way 

This approach is doable, but frankly, it’s a hassle.  Even if you are locked into using CSV files, consider buying Easy Expense Tracker with the phone app sync upgrades that make it EASY—easy to sync phone records to EET on your PC, and easy to export results from EET into Excel or CSV file formats.  Or Word or PDF formats.  You’re done!

Don’t have EET yet?

Use EET for FREE and add up to 50 records manually, or purchase the full version to use all features—see for yourself why this is the expense record management system you’ve been looking for. This EAL Cloud Sync Upgrade lets you upload an unlimited number of records from your phone to the cloud for EET to use.


Download Easy Expense Tracker now—it’s FREE!


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Purchase the Upgrade from your Phone

To add Cloud Archive to Easy Auto Log, purchase this upgrade from your phone.

  • Select Upgrade Now from the Main menu or
  • Select Upgrade from the bottom menu
  • Select the Cloud Archive option ~ Complete your purchase at the Store
  • Set up your apps—see Cloud Archive Set Up above
Mojio Sync for EAL Upgrade
Wifi Sync for EAL Upgrade
Cloud Sync ERL
Cloud Archive EAL Upgrade