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Available for in-app purchase from your phone.

$4.99 USD

Mojio Sync for EAL
Mojio Upgrade for Easy Auto Log 

Simply turn your car on or off and the phone app automatically begins to track your trip details.  It tracks and displays your car’s trip in real time whether you’re in the car or not—watch how somebody else is driving your car from your phone!

Mojio collects key engine metrics and Easy Auto Log lets you record vehicle-related expenses such as fuel, parking, and toll costs.  Here’s how it works…

$4.99 USD

Cloud Sync for ERL
OneDrive Cloud Sync Upgrade to PC/Tablet

This upgrade lets you save Easy Auto Log records to your OneDrive cloud account.  Import them using Easy Expense Tracker—the app adds them to your existing records on your PC or tablet.  They’re ready to use!

Automatically upload your files anytime your phone has Internet access or specifically choose when and how you want to sync.  Use your phone service to upload the files at any time or to save on phone data charges, set your phone to use your local WiFi instead!  Here’s how it works…

$4.99 USD

Wifi Sync for EAL
WiFi Sync Upgrade to PC/Tablet

This upgrade lets you sync Easy Auto Log on your phone with Easy Expense Tracker on your PC or tablet anytime both apps are up and running on your local WiFi network.

It’s the simplest, most secure way to move your records off your phone—now they’re backed up on your PC and ready to use.  Here’s how it works…

$1.99 USD

Cloud Archive for EAL
OneDrive Cloud Archive Upgrade

This upgrade lets you save Easy Auto Log records to your OneDrive cloud account in CSV format.  This solution is perfect if all you need is record details as a back-up or available for import into Excel or other CSV-compatible accounting software.  Here’s how it works…