Dilbert on Project Management Reality

Dilbert on Project Management Reality
↑ New Resources = ↑ Velocity?

We all know adding resources does not necessarily equal greater efficiency and quicker deliverables, certainly not immediately. NextWave ScrumMaster tackles this issue by helping you evaluate project management reality.

  • Add the two newbies to the team…  now their votes show up on your screen during sprint planning meetings.

But adding them to the Team doesn’t automatically increase your projected Velocity.

  • Add a story, ‘Newbie Training’… your backlog just increased! Has your velocity increased?  2 people’s worth?
  •  Add a story, ‘Newbie Management’… your backlog just increased some more! Short term, your velocity can’t increase enough to compensate.

The beauty of using ScrumMaster is now you can focus on what can be done to get them contributing—adding to Velocity—as quickly as possible. Check this out for more insights!

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