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Cleaning 2000

As a commercial cleaning company specializing in commercial, corporate and retail shopping centre cleaning, Cleaning 2000 works directly and indirectly for large property managers, commercial businesses, and corporate office buildings.

Cleaning teams tackle multiple sites each day, across a metropolitan area.  Managing people and products is an operations challenge.

Our Advice: Put technology to work using the right device for the task.

Simple Business Software‘s affordable custom solutions manage business information—giving small and mid-size businesses the competitive edge they need to compete with the big boys.

NextWave and Simple Business Software partnered to create a secure mobile app designed to streamline cleaning service operations.  Tied directly into the client’s Simple Business Software database, the mobile app seamlessly reports employee location and time on site, verifies task completion, and enables inventory controls.

Employees use the Cleaning 2000 app on their own phone to track their time—it’s automatically entered into the company’s database where it’s ready for Payroll and customer reports.  Knowing who is where in the field, when, and for how long improves remote job site management.  Knowing exactly what additional supplies or equipment are needed where streamlines inventory management.

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Simple Business Software

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