Sprint planning cards on your phone or tablet.

No more flipping cards!

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Agile Story Sizing Cards on phones and tablets

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Racing to a Sprint Planning meetingAgile Story Sizing Cards on your phone or tablet has you ready to vote.

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Or send your scrum master your vote — automatically.

WiFi Connections to ScrumMaster
It gets even better

Customize Your Card Deck

#1 Choose a card back style.

Choose an image or select your favorite photo.

#2 Choose how your team estimates task story points.

Choose your team’s voting unit: T-Shirt, Fibonacci, the Classic Number sequence, or Hours.

#3 Choose your favorite colors!

Personalize your card face display.

Upgrade: the ScrumMaster Connection

If your Scrum master is using the NextWave ScrumMaster™ application, you can interact dynamically with your entire team during a sprint planning session. Simply tap to initiate the connection. Your task value vote is automatically added to the team vote. Cool!

Upgrade: Team Foundation Server Sync

Sync and download project stories and tasks directly from your project’s TFS server to your phone or tablet.

Both upgrades track your voting history. Reviewing and comparing your votes on past tasks improves your voting consistency throughout the project.