You need a mobile, all-in-one project management tool, one that goes with you into meetings.  Update status with a single touch.  Organize, add, delete, and update stories and tasks—quickly, easily, at any point and at any time.

ScrumMaster does that and more.  If your team votes during sprint planning meetings, it collects and tallies the votes from their phones or tablets.

ScrumMaster Project Dashboard

NextWave ScrumMaster merges Agile methodology with the human and project management realities we’ve learned from experience.

There’s no need to follow strict Agile dogma. Do what works. Do what best serves your project and your team.

  • Chapters and Stories organically build a requirements document
  • Dynamically modify your backlog and instantaneously see the impact on your projected finish date
  • The app is flexible — fit it to however YOU use scrum
  • Use the KanBan board — or not
  • Powerful ‘What If’ analytics give you better reporting
  • Sync with projects on Team Foundation Server

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Agile Story Sizing Cards for Phone

Voting during sprint planning meetings?

Forget your planning poker cards!

Agile Story Sizing Cards lets you customize your scrum poker planning card deck on your phone.

Votes tally automatically in NextWave ScrumMaster.

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ScrumMaster collects sprint planning votes

Connect your team.

Votes from team members using the ScrumMaster Connection upgrade automatically tally in NextWave ScrumMaster.

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